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How to apply for AIC


Provide your details:


  • Name and Title

  • Address (Include your company name (if applicable)

  • Telephone / Cell phone

  • Email Address


Experience and training:


You will need to expand upon this:  'I have the following silversmithing/jewelry making training and experience.'   Also, include any experience and/or training in Argentium.


Testing levels and fees:


You will choose which options you prefer:


  • Level One Certification - $500

  • Level Two Certification - $500

  • (Optional) If you wish to keep your projects, there will be an additional materials fee that you will pay for at the class.


Testing Facilities:


You will need to select the testing facility for your test:


  • Ronda Coryell Albuquerque testing site.

  • Independent testing facilities using a proctor.

  • You may take the test at your own bench.


If you are using a proctor, please complete a Proctor Verification Form (download using this link)

The AIC Application Form is also required and can be submitted as follows:


  • Download the AIC Application Form and payment/mailing instructions (download using this link)

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