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Download DVDs Instructions

The DVD download store is a separate shopping cart designed specifically for purchasing/managing your downloadable DVD content.  Scroll down through these instructions for step by step notes about the new shop:


 Once you click the link, it will launch Ronda's downloadable DVD store in another browser session, leaving these instructions open as well for your reference.



Click here to go to

Training DVDs

⦁    You will select one or more DVD's to purchase by clicking on DVD cover image.  This will take you to view more details about the product.   

Training DVDs

⦁    Select Add to cart button to purchase, then select Checkout.

Training DVDs

⦁    Finalize your cart purchases and then select Check Out button.

Training DVDs

⦁    Review your order then select Place Order

Training DVDs

⦁    A receipt page will be displayed  
⦁    You will get an email from; on behalf of [one of ronda’s staff].  Check your Junk box if you do not see the email receipt.    

⦁    Please follow the instructions on the email or you can go to the menu and select "My Content".  


At the bottom of the email it states: 

Online access to your content:
You can access your content online at any time. Just follow the link below and use the e-mail and password you specified during the order process to log in:


If you have any problems, please read the FAQ to find solutions for common questions:

Technical Support:
If you require technical support please use the link below submit information about your problem to:

General Information:
For your safety and privacy our charge will appear on your account as “RONDA CORYELL DESIGNS”. 



⦁    Select the appropriate operating system to download the right DVD player for your system.
⦁    Click on the Download player button that is display after selecting OS.

Training DVDs

⦁    Select Save when prompted to download.

Training DVDs

⦁    Select Run

Training DVDs

⦁    Select Install and then Finish when prompted

Training DVDs

⦁    Once your player has been downloaded, start the player and login (usually just the first time) and enter the same login user and password that was used on this Download DVD site. 

⦁    This player will allow you to view your purchased DVD on the player or perform a one-time download BURN to CD.  Please follow download instructions for your particular player.  It is advised that you save a shortcut link for the player application so that you will not need to download the player again. 

Example of FluxPlayer:

Training DVDs

⦁    Now that you have reviewed the instructions, click this link to launch the downloadable DVD store.  The link below will open in a new browser page and you might want to keep these instructions handy!

Good luck!  For more information, see links at the bottom of the player download page,

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