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6-Week Intensive Studies Syllabus

6-Week Intensive Study Syllabus - OVERVIEW

You will receive a strong foundation of master bench skills that can be applied to all precious metals.

  • Prerequisite skill level:  All Skill Level

  • Cost: $9,850 plus tax (includes discount of $1250 for entire series)

  • Cost for selected weeks from entire series: $1850/week

  • Materials Kit:  All Kit fees Included

  • You can pay monthly until the start of the Intensive Studies classes.

Techniques and projects covered in the six weeks:

  • Intricate pierced work and sawing

  • Ring making

  • Granulation + Texturing

  • Surface Embellishments

  • Finishing work

  • Working in gold (18k or 22k)

  • Torch fire enameling

  • Custom mechanisms, ear wires and posts

  • Fusing and soldering

  • Flush mounting stones- three different methods

  • Fabricating and setting bezels for a variety of stone shapes

  • Jump rings

  • Filigree and open wire work

  • Custom clasps and chain making

  • Sizing ring shanks

  • Hollow beads

  • Hollow rings

  • Composition, layout, and design

6-Week Intensive Study Syllabus - WEEK 1: RINGS AND BANDS

Making rings with Argentium® is simple and easy. Learn how to fuse, solder, twist wire, texture and fuse granulation for surface decorations. Also learn to resize your rings up/down.

Students will have the opportunity to finish six different rings.

Skills + Techniques Covered:

  • Sawing

  • Fusing And Soldering

  • Flaring Rings

  • Jump Rings

  • Wire Working

  • Texturing

  • Granulation

  • Surface Embellishments

  • Sizing And Re-Sizing Rings

  • Finishing Techniques


  • 2mm square soldered ring

  • Fused 2mm stack ring

  • Twisted wire ring

  • Jump ring band ring

  • Thick band hammer texture

  • Flared band with spinner

6-Week Intensive Study Syllabus - WEEK 2: FUSING AND FLUSH SETTING

You will learn detailed saw piercing, roller printing, fusing surface decoration, making ear-wires, and patinas on metals. Learning to flush mount stones will give you the skills to take your projects to a higher level of ornamentation. Three different ways of flush mounting will be covered.

Skills + Techniques Covered:

  • Intricate Pierced Work & Sawing

  • Texturing

  • Finishing Work

  • Fusing And Soldering

  • Flush Mounting Stones

  • Jump Rings

  • Wire Work

  • Custom Made Bale


  • Sawing squares in lines

  • Sawing waves

  • Fusing layers to flush mount from front and from behind

  • Sawing round disc, fusing & flush mounting

  • Flush mounting on copper for practice

  • Earrings

  • Setting over 40 stones

6-Week Intensive Study Syllabus - WEEK 3: EARRINGS AND GRANULATION

Making four pairs of earrings, you will learn to fuse jump-rings and bezels, make granules, slump sheet over fused wires, set cabochon stones on granulated earrings, make filigree wire for filigree earrings with open wire-work, make mechanisms and twisted wire earrings with posts.

Skills + Techniques Covered:

  • Sawing

  • Fusing

  • Making Jump Rings

  • Bezels

  • Making Granules

  • Setting Cabochons

  • Creating Matched Pairs

  • Open Wire Work

  • Mechanisms

  • Ear Posts

  • Finishing Techniques

Project Details:

  • Slumped leaf shape Shepherd’s hook earwire

  • Twisted square wire hoop w/post

  • Earrings - granulated & fused w/thin bezel

  • Earring mechanisms

  • Open wire work with working mechanism

6-Week Intensive Study Syllabus - WEEK 4: CLASPS AND MECHANISMS

The right components can make or break a showpiece. Learning how to make your own simple clasps and chain is an important step in designing and creating original work.

Skills + Techniques Covered:

  • Fusing And Soldering

  • Production Tips

  • Toggle And Chain, Two Box Clasps, Interlocking Jump Rings

  • Chain Making Made Easy

  • Composition And Design

Project Details/Materials:

  • Chain bracelet + toggle clasp

  • Interlocking jump rings

  • Oval Box Clasp

  • Box clasp

6-Week Intensive Study Syllabus - WEEK 5: BEZELS AND SHANKS

Learn how to fabricate bezels and four different varieties of ring shanks. Then, learn how to make a split shank ring with a large oval bezel, a textured ring with a bezel and a granulated ring with a faceted stone. Create your own ring patterns based on the ring size you desire and learn layout techniques for fused and granulated decoration. This class will give you confidence and develop your abilities to create bezels to fit onto ring shanks. Upon completion of the projects, you will have four stunningly beautiful rings.

Skills + Techniques covered:

  • Sawing

  • Fusing And Soldering

  • Forming Ring Shanks

  • Setting Oval & Round Faceted Stones

  • Granulation

  • Designing Ring Patterns

  • Surface Embellishments & Texturing


  • Three wire ring w/bezel oval cab

  • Oval bezel on textured shank

  • Granulated ring - faceted stone

  • Gallery wire w/rectangle onyx cab

6-Week Intensive Study Syllabus - WEEK 6: HOLLOW FORMS

Two beads and two rings will be taught, each involving different types of fabrication skills. Making a bead, you will learn to use dapping tools, form wires to fit a curved surface and patterning for proper alignment for a more “finished” design. Projects will feature your individual pattern layout, enhancing your surface fusing and embellishment skills.

Skills + Techniques covered:

  • Sawing

  • Dapping And Doming

  • Fabricating

  • Wire Forming

  • Patterning

  • Surface Embellishments

  • Fusing 3 Dimensional

  • Oval And Round Hollow Forms


  • 1/2 round hollow band

  • Hollow ring

  • Lentil bead

  • Oval hollow bead

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